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Download Academic Signature(v55/56) from this page

(key management, digital signatures, encryption, time stamps, prime generation and other accessories) 


You want to download a windows setup file.

You want to compile from source (-> get the tarball).

You seek binaries for ubuntu or windows.

You want to see a tutorial on creation of the first public/private key.

You want to see the standard elliptic curves in Academic Signature.

You want to go to the Academic Signature manual.

Find a textfile with more elaborate installation instructions and a changelog here.

Hints and troubleshooting.

You can find my GnuPG Key and my ECDSA-Key(GnuPG id: 1C6D685A, aca_sig id: anders_256_k1)  here.

Windows Setup files(b56), automatic desktop integration:
Despite claims to the contrary, some Windows10 systems seem to be unable to reliably run wxWidgets based Windows 7/8 programs. They may in some cases even make the Explorer stall... See the dedicated Windows10 versions below.

The installer for the windows version(XP, 7, 8, mostly also 10) comes in two flavours:

A) aca_sig_setup_update     (-> this is the one you probably want.)

This one copies its files in place if they are newer than the old ones. Passphrase hash, salts and secret files containing keyinfo will be preserved. Thus, if a previous version of academic signature existed, there will be no new hatching procedure, login will require the familiar passphrase and all previously known keys will still be accessible.
The modest uninstaller will consequently remove only program binaries and will leave user specific secret or public  information  in place for reuse with a subsequent install of academic signature.
(In order to reenter into the hatching procedure you may remove old login info by manually clearing the "x_sexrets" dirtectory and then reinstall. Upon the third login failure the location of this directory will be displayed by the program.)

Links to aca_sig_update version   GnuPG signature         aca_sig_ecdsa signature  

B) aca_sig_setup_overinstall         (->this is the version for those guys who forgot their passphrase.......;-))

This one pushes its files in place, deletes passphrase info from previous versions and overwrites previous files. Watch out, all previous passphrase, salts and keyinfo will be lost, but old files will not pose an obstacle for fresh reinstallation.
The radical uninstaller consequently removes all traces of academic signature and will enable you to start anew from scratch:

Links to aca_sig overinstall    GnuPG signature         aca_sig_ecdsa signature  

new! dedicated installers for Windows10:         
                    setup_update        GnuPG_signature    ECDSA_signature
                    setup_overwrite    GnuPG signature 
    ECDSA signature    

On multi user systems, where you are not administrator, do the following steps:

a) Ask the administrator to execute the installer. This copies the executables and some permanent Files to the program directory.

b) now call the installer again with your non administrator privileges. This sets the aca_sig_b data structure with x_secrets und key_tray Folder. The rejection of the attempt to write the executables again will produce some error messages you may ignore.
In case you called the installer yourself with administrator privileges but want to use academic signature with non administrator privileges, you should change the access rights for the program data in aca_sig_b with x_secrets and key_tray to read and write permission for your non-admin account.
I will try to implement this a little more comfortable in an upcoming update.

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Source Archives

   Source archive as standard "autotools tarball".

  Takes care of Linux 32/64-bit and wxWidgets 2.8/3.0
   adaptations automatically. Users unzip, ./configure, make, make install.
                                                    ECDSA-Signature and GnuPG-signature thereof.

    to compile, you need wxWidgets including the dev-libraries
    libwxgtk3.0-dev and libwxbase3.0-dev (or both in version 2.8)

    Alternate Academic Signature Source 
    alternate archive ,
                                                ECDSA-signature  and GnuPG-signature,
    source code for Linux, version b55. With manually created command line "makefile". 
    (You must copy the used images: "unterschrift.png", "aca_sig_icon.png"
    and "elliptic_m5_p4_360e_a.png" to the folder, you set as
    working directory manually.)  

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Binary Archives

    Academic Signature binary archive(signature included), full windows version b55.

    Academic Signature binary archive(signature included), full Ubuntu vivid version b53.(32-bit)

                                                                                                          Ubuntu vivid version b53 (64-bit)

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Hints and troubleshooting:
A) The precompiled Linux versions might not run on older versions of ubuntu. So if a library seems to be missing, upgrade your system to the current distribution and try again. If you plan to build Academic Signature yourself, updating/upgrading your ubuntu/debian prior to compilation would also be a good idea. And don't forget to install wxWidgets in this case.

B) If you use the Alternate source and want to retain an out-of-age version of ubuntu, you might have to compile Academic Signature from the archive.
Watch out: The GUI tool wxWidgets 2.8 can be a bitch to work with -> Some older versions are buggy, you may have an intermediately aged version that steals the menu entries(only shows them under Unity). Others may or may not require lX11 to be linked explicitly(the makefile has it outcommented, you may have to activate it again in some older wxWidgets 2.8 versions).

C) If you can, you should use wxWidgets 3.0.2 or higher. It produces substantially larger binaries than 2.8, but has not shown 2.8's bitchy behavior yet ;-)
In case you have to use wxWidgets 2.8, you again have to manually edit dolonu.h and activate the previously commented out line 27 containing the define:  #define WX28 .


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