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Troubleshooting the build process in (x/l/k) ubuntu17.04

Due to what I consider to be a bug in Ubuntu Zesty Zapus (17.04), as of now (may 17), by default the Linker in many systems does not produce executable binaries anymore, but rather creates shared libraries.
These libraries can be normally "executed" from the terminal and from the panel.
(On a freshly installed zesty, this behavior apparently does not occur. It can occur after a release upgrade to zesty.)

These "Libraries" cannot, however, be executed from the file managers(nautilus, thunar, pcman, etc.).
In order to get traditional executables, that can be called from the User Interface, you have to link using the linker option "-no-pie".

This does not only apply to academic signature, but also to all other projects you compile on the respective buggy system.
Hopefully I will be able to delete this troubleshooting message soon.....