Seminar on Cryptography Fundamentals and Routing

Language of presentation: Seminar topics with English titles must be presented in English. They are also eligible for Master IT Engineering students (presenting and listening). Seminar topics with German titles may be given in German. They are not eligible for Master IT Engineering students. For a bonus point, you may also give them in English.

Dates of presentation: 5 presentations will be on the lecture-free 08.06., 9.00 - 16.15 with breaks in between. The last talk will be in a colloquium on June 29.

About the subjects

Cryptography is used for exchanging messages between two parties such that authentification of sender and recipient are guaranteed and that no one else can read the message. It is based on a lot of mathematical foundations mainly from Discrete Mathematics. Most of the foundations are not covered in the introductory discrete mathematics lecture, some are covered in Prof. Beuster's IT security lectures. But still there are some topics left not covered in detail in FH Wedel lectures. Most of them are discussed in Prof. Beuster's seminars. Some of them not discussed there will be discussed in my seminar. Of originally 6 topics, only one was chosen (see below).

Routing is the task to compute a favorable route for an individual traffic participant from a given geographic start to a predetermined target. Routing is relevant for all means of transportation (car, train, plane, boat). By routing we understand the computation of an optimal route for the means of transportation as well as for the useres of public transport operated by a timetable. Today an IT support is standard for all means of transportation. The foundations were laid in 1959 by Edsgar Dijkstra with his basic single source routing algorithm. This algorithm is discussed in the 1st semester of all IT oriented bachelor programmes in the course Discrete Mathematics.

In practice, routing always depends on navigation for individual traffic paticipants, and this depends on positioning. This is why navigation and positioning must be considered in the context of routing.

The most important challenge for practical applications is the consideration of individual preferences of the users and the current traffic situation (dynamical routing). The focus of recent developments is in these areas.

This seminar places two focuses on routing: The first focus (presentations 2 - 4) is laid on applications for individual car navigation and public transport navigation where routing is widely used by individuals. The second focus (presentation 5) is laid on routing and navigation of sea vessels. This continues the issues discussed in my last seminar. This focus is done in cooperation with Carsten Bullemer, the founder of Maritime Data Systems and former CEO of Vesseltracker, the operator of the portal

Mr. Bullemer offers jobs for interested students with good programming skills.

The talks of this semester

The presentations and papers below are the original submissions. They are not edited by the seminar advisor and have been evaluated with different grades. This is why there is no warranty on quality and coorectness.


1) Function and decryption of Enigma
Smart: ch.8
assigned to: Torben Tietgen

08. June 2016, 09.00, HS 5

postponed to wintser semester 2016/17 caused by illness



2) Der aktuelle Stand im dynamischen Routing für individuellen Straßenverkehr
vergeben an: Simon Nimmerjahn

08. June 2016, 10.15, HS 5

Vortrag     Ausarbeitung

08. June 2016, 11.30-12.20: lunch break

3) Positionsbestimmung für verschiedene Verkehrsmittel: Eine aktuelle Übersicht
Hier soll auch auf technische Details ausgewählter Methoden eingegangen werden.
vergeben an: Julian Gieseke und Alexander Stein

08. June 2016, 12.30 HS 5

Vortrag     Ausarbeitung

4) Berücksichtigung individueller Präferenzen für die Routenoptimierung: Ansätze aus der Praxis
vergeben an: Oliver Westphal

08. June 2016, 15.00, HS 5

Vortrag     Ausarbeitung

5) Estimation of fuel consumption and related emissions from routing data
assigned to: Steffen Czolbe

29. June 2016, 17.00, HS 5

presentation     paper




Nigel Smart: Cryptography Made Simple, Springer 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-21935-6
This book is twice in our library: Once in Lehrbuchsammlung Iwanowski (not for lending) and one in category 8.3 (for lending).

Song Y. Yan: Cryptanalytic Attacks on RSA, Springer 2008, ISBN 978-1-4419-4310-1
This book is in Lehrbuchsammlung Beuster (not for lending)

The use of further references is appreciated.