Work done or supervised by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

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On this site, all work is listed which was created under my supervision at FH Wedel, further, all publications in which I took part.

For access to public web applications and downloads produced in such projects click left on software downloads or go to the corresponding project sites.

Software projects have been performed in order to demonstrate feasibility of certain aspects of my research interests or for demonstration of teaching content. Some projects offer a download which is available on the corresponding website.

The focus of my work is on supervising graduation theses for bachelor (formerly diploma) and master degrees.

Bachelor theses usually focus on software development. This is why bachelor theses under my supervision must be made in companies where the conceptual and practical work is performed under co-supervision of a graduated staff employee. The 3 months practical period and 2 months thesis period should be served consecutively in the same company which makes up a continuous work of 5 months. All bachelor theses under my supervision must be accompanied by a software resulting from the work in the company.

Although our current bachelor program at FH Wedel is designed for 3 resp. 3 1/2 years only, it covers all essentials of our previous 4 year diploma program which makes it very competitive for the students. The same holds for the required quality of theses.

Diploma theses (will not be offered anymore, only previous work) have a similar focus as bachelor theses. A diploma is the final examination of the traditional German study system. This system has expired in favor of the new European bachelor / master system. The degree of a diploma is officially considered between a bachelor's and master's degree. However, FH Wedel tries to keep its bachelor degree on the same level. The minimum study time for a diploma degree was 4 years. A diploma (4 years) offered by a university of applied sciences has traditionally been considered a lower degree than a diploma (5 years) offered by a scientific university. FH Wedel has always maintained a scientific university standard in the requirements for the thesis. In the new degree system with bachelor and master, there is no difference between scientific universities and universities of applied sciences anymore. Just like bachelor's theses, all diploma theses under my supervision had to be made in companies. There was an obligatory period of 5 months just for producing the thesis which could be extended by a practical work before the start of thesis work. However, in most cases, diploma thesis work lasted 5 - 6 months. Due to the slightly higher degree, a diploma thesis candidate was expected to do more scientific work than a bachelor candidate. All diploma theses under my supervision had to be accompanied by a software resulting from the work in the company.

Master theses focus on scientific research. Their level is equivalent to the level of a final thesis at university (former university diploma). Master theses last half a year and may be extended on request. Most of the theses are given as internal work fitting my long term research interests. According to the special focus of a university of applied sciences, master theses under my supervision must always have a practical application which in most cases is demonstarted by an accompanying prototypic software.