Research and development with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

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The focus of my work in research and development is supervising graduation theses, i.e. I introduce graduating students of FH Wedel into scientific work and work together with them.

I supervise graduation theses in all study programs of computer science offered at FH Wedel. The focus of most of these theses is in conceptual problem solving and software development.

Besides, I am conducting software projects in irregular intervals which fit my research interests or serve improvement of teaching.

The origin of my current research activities comes from work done before my engagement at FH Wedel: First, I have worked as teaching and research doctoral assistant for theoretical computer science at FU Berlin, afterwards in research and development at Daimler with focus on artificial intelligence and distributed systems. Some papers and patents originate from this period.

Also at FH Wedel, I have been pursuing my research topics further, this time in cooperation with several industrial partners via projects and graduation theses. This yielded further publications.

The flag research fields gives short introductions in my long-term interests and relates them to the work already done so far. The work done is sorted by its type (software projects, graduation theses, publications).

Students sharing my interests and willing to work with me are invited to contact me. The same holds for interested industrial partners.