Application for M.Sc. IT Engineering

NOTE: Our application process is subject to change. Do not apply via our German portal which has been changed already. The process with the different steps will be as described below. However, the formalities will change considerably: We will allow online application only. Wenn you reach Step 2 (after having got the uni-assist VPD), you shoud update this website and follow the process described then (and not now).

You may start your master's programme IT Engineering in winter (October) as well as in summer term (April). The FH Wedel application deadline for winter is August 31, for summer it is February 28/29.

If you are a student from abroad, you must start the application process much earlier, because there are other than our deadlines you must consider. In order to meet our deadline, it is in your responsibility to check the deadlines uni-assist recommends (cf. step 1 below). You should also allow enough time for getting a student visa to Germany and for providing accomodation near the university. This is why we suggest that applicants needing a visa apply at least 4 months prior to the intended study start to uni-assist (step 1) and then proceed with the other steps as fast as possible. For some countries, 3 months may suffice, for other countries 4 months may not be enough, because of long delays for a visa application interview. Inquire at the German embassy of your country.

You should apply with our English application form provided here. International incomings should not apply via our German website.

Please note: The only English programme you can apply at FH Wedel is Master IT Engineering. There is neither a dual nor a guest study status available. Theoretically, you may study with half time status. This is the form for the application with half time status. However, this only applies when you are a resident in Germany already or an EU citizen. Otherwise you may not get a visa. So nearly all international incomings should check IT Engineering and Full time in the application form.

The application form must be physically signed with your handwritten signature at all relevant places. Together with all required documents it must be sent by regular mail to:

FH Wedel
Student Application Master ITE
Feldstr. 143
D-22880 Wedel

In most cases, you may not send this to FH Wedel right away. This depends on the fact if your bachelor's degree was obtained in Germany or not.

Students with a German bachelor's degree and holding a EU nationality may apply directly at FH Wedel and get an answer within a few days after application.

Students who graduated outside of Germany must apply to uni-assist first before they can apply to FH Wedel directly. This is independent of your nationality. When uni-assist has processed your application and sent an answer to you, you may use this answer and then apply directly to FH Wedel as described above.

This is the application process for students with a bachelor degree obtained outside of Germany and having a non-EU nationality:

1) Apply to uni-assist, pay the uni-assist processing fee, and wait for VPD (Vorpr├╝fungsdokumentation).

When VPD has arrived:

2) Apply to FH Wedel, pay the FH Wedel processing fee, and wait for Offer of a Place.

When Offer of a Place has arrived:

3) Pay the tuition fee for the first semester (2810 EUR) and wait for Confirmation of a Place.

When Confirmation of a Place has arrived:

4) Apply for a student visa at a German embassy or consulate.

Any time after visa has arrived until first day of lectures:

5) Move to Wedel.

Please click on the respective steps to read further explanations before you ask questions answered there or before you take wrong actions!


Students with a bachelor degree obtained outside of Germany and having a EU nationality need to apply step 1) only. After they have got the VPD, they may apply directly to FH Wedel without any prepayment. They must pay the processing fee within 10 days of acceptance and the full tuition fee by October 1 resp. April 1.

Students with a German bachelor's degree and having a non-EU nationality may skip step 1) and must follow the entire application process starting with step 2). In step 2), they need not provide a VPD, but their bachelor transcripts instead.