Computer and Engineering Sciences combined in the metropolitan area of Hamburg

FH Wedel offers a study programme for IT Engineering starting twice a year (April and October). The programme offers a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree followed by an optional Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree. The bachelor's course is scheduled for 7 semesters and the subsequent master's course for 3 semesters. The university campus is located at the western periphery of Hamburg. Being part of the metropolitan area of Hamburg and connected to its urban train and bus system, Wedel belongs to the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, a centre of wind energy production.

The metropolitan area of Hamburg is one of the wealthiest regions of Germany with a high per-capita income and a low unemployment rate. The costs of living are lower than in other regions with a comparable standard which are mainly located in Southern Germany.

FH Wedel is a small private university with a long tradition and broad competence in technical sciences. Unlike public German universities, we have to charge a moderate tuition fee (see table for the study programme). In return, our students get a very individual support and are brought to an academic level that is high above average. It is our policy not only to issue titles, but rather provide sustainable knowledge. This is why FH Wedel has got an excellent reputation with the adjacent companies. We are in tight cooperation with companies, because it is our main goal to place our students into excellent jobs.

IT Engineering – Interdisciplinary competence for jobs requiring highly technical skills in responsible positions

Progress of human society has been closely tied to progress through technical innovation. Nowadays, technical innovation is due to the inventive skills of engineers.

Today, nearly all technical products are embedded with or linked to IT in some way. This requires that engineers must have a profound knowledge of IT.

The demand for computer scientists and engineers is much higher than the number of suitably qualified graduates, and this mismatch will certainly grow in a world which is highly determined by technical progress, especially in countries with a decreasing population like Germany. Graduates with skills in both fields are even more in demand.

The FH Wedel offers a consecutive study programme of IT Engineering:

The bachelor's study course is conducted in German and applies to all high school graduates with a dedicated mathematical and technical interest who wish to keep their future field of professional employment as open as possible.

The master's study course is taught in English and provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and build on their skills. Applicants coming from abroad must have good programming skills and a good understanding of mathematics and technical basics. They will have the chance to achieve a German master's degree which enables them to apply for a wide range of jobs in an economically strong and politically stable country.

Job market and perspectives

There is hardly any other job market in Germany where the mismatch between the number of job offers and suitable applicants is as dramatic as in computer science and engineering.

Engineers with dedicated IT skills are sought after in the automotive sector, in air and space technology, medical engineering, automation and a great variety of other sectors in technical production. Graduates may choose if they want to be involved in the production of large technical objects such as sea vessels or small devices such as mobile phones. Also the size of employer may be chosen - from global corporation to garage shop.