Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski - curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

     1962           born in Berlin (West)           


1971-1979       secondary school at Canisius-Kolleg (Jesuit gymnasium with focus in ancient languages) in Berlin

     1979           abitur (qualification exam for university)

1979-1982       study of mathematics und biology (as equal majors) at FU Berlin (Free University of Berlin)

     1982           pre-exams in mathematics und biology (corresponds to bachelor level)

1982-1983       study of mathematics (with special focus on statistics)
                        at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA,
                        status: visiting graduate student, foreign exchange scholarship of Fulbright commission

1983-1986       study of mathematics (minor: computer science) at FU Berlin

     1986           diploma in mathematics (minor: computer science)
title of diploma thesis: Search Problems in Graphs (in German)
advisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Aigner

     1990           Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) at FU Berlin in theoretical computer science
                        title of dissertation thesis: Approximate Congruence and Symmetry Detection in the Plane
advisor: Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt

     2004           2nd (final) state examination for teacher at gymnasium (highest level of secondary school) for mathematics and computer science
at Studienseminar (teacher-training college) Neuruppin (federal state of Brandenburg)

Professional Experience

1986-1991      teaching and research assistant for theoretical computer science
at Department of Mathematics at FU Berlin
research focus: algorithmic geometry

1991-2002      research assistant and manager at the Department of Information Technology
at Daimler-Benz (since 1998: DaimlerChrysler) in Berlin

                        research foci: knowledge-based systems, model-based diagnosis,
multi-agent-systems, traffic information, traffic control, telematics,
distributed information services

2002-2004           Studienreferendar (teacher trainee) at F.F. Runge (Oranienburg) und Wandlitz gymnasia

 since 2004      professor for computer science at FH Wedel
teaching and research focus (until 2007): distributive systems, knowledge-based systems
teaching and research focus (since 2007): algorithms, artificial intelligence, mathematics

Personal Issues

member of the Roman-Catholic church

married since 1988, 4 children (born 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996)

other interests: classical music (member of Daimler Chamber Orchestra Berlin), languages, history, geography, hiking and swimming