Prof. Dr. Sebastian Iwanowski

Lecturer in IT related programmes

Head of the master's programme IT Engineering (conducted in English)

teaching and research focus:

algorithms, artificial intelligence, mathematics

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+49 4103 80 48 91063                         


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office number:


office hours:

during lecture term (SS 2022): Thursday, 12:30 hrs. - 13:45 hrs.

outside lecture term: normally Wednesday, 17:00 hrs. but not every week (look at current announcements), online appointments on request


news for international students

  • Next physical office hour (not online): in class period only
  • Vacation from 24.09.-16.10.: You will not be able to reach me at all during this time, not even by email. Emails sent during this time will not be lost, but will be answered from 17.10. onwards. The last office hour before the holiday is on 21.09. and the first one after that is not fixed until the new lecture schedule is known.

activities and responsibilities

Lectures for all IT related programmes (B.Sc. of Computer Science, IT Engineering, Computer Engineering, Media Computer Science, Computer Games Technology, Business and Computer Science, E-Commerce; M.Sc. of Computer Science, IT Security, IT Engineering):

  • each term:
    Discrete Mathematics (Bachelor 1. Sem.)
  • winter term only (WS):
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor 3.-5. Sem.), Computability and Complexity (Master 1./2. Sem.)
  • summer term only (SS):
    Operations Research (Bachelor 4.-6. Sem.), Algorithmics (Master 1./2. Sem.)

Click left on lectures in order to know details about my lectures offered. Except for Discrete Mathematics in summer, all of my lectures will be given in English if at least one international student is willing to attend.


Seminars for all IT related programmes:

I offer a seminar every term, mainly based on my research and development interests.

In the past, topics covered were:

Machine Learning (SS 21), Number Theory and AI (WS20), AI and Railway Systems (SS20) Deepenings and Applications of various topics (WS 19), Machine Learning (SS 19), Mathematical Applications (WS 18, WS 17), Hard Problems (SS 18), Algorithmic Optimisation (SS 17), Elegant Proofs (WS 16), Game AI (SS 15, SS 07), Algorithmics (WS 14/15, SS 13), Applied Topics of Computer Science (SS 14, WS 13/14), Computational Biology (WS 12/13), Logistics and Semantic Information Modeling (SS 12), Algorithms and AI (SS 11), Applications and Original Papers of Algorithmics (WS 10/11), Methods of AI (SS 10), Traffic and Logistics (WS 09/10), Musics and Computer Science (SS 09), Coding and Encryption (WS 08/09), Algorithms (SS 08), Computer Algebra (WS 07/08), Service Oriented Software Architectures (WS 06/07, WS 05/06), Computer Science for Transportation (SS 06), Artificial Intelligence (SS 05), Mobile Computing (WS 04/05), Elements of Distributed Systems (SS 04)

The regular seminar language is German, but presentations in English are possible.


Graduation theses:

I supervise graduation theses for bachelor's and master's degree (formerly: for diploma degree) for all courses of computer science. Priority is given for my research and development intererests, but I also supervise other topics as long as they have a computer science focus.

Click left on research and development/work done to see the detailed lists of graduation topics supervised so far. A few of the theses are offered for download, and some are even in English.


Research and development interests:

  • All applications of artificial intelligence
  • Algorithmic problems of each kind
  • In particular: Problems from traffic and logistics

Besides supervising graduation theses, I occasionally supervise software projects for bachelor's and master's degree. Once in a while, I also publish in a journal / conference proceedings.

Click left on research and development in order to know details about current projects and work done. Some of the work done produced public web applications and downloads which are accessible on the corresponding website.



  • Talent promotion for IT related students (advisor for scholarships, exchange programs, etc.)
  • Study advice for interested applicants (coordinator for all subjects)
  • Head of the master's programme IT Engineering